Cheez doodle day 2019

Happy cheez doodle day 2019 – happy cheese doodle day 2019 – happy cheeze doodle day 2019 ❤

Cheez doodle day - cheese doodle day 2019
Cheez doodle day – cheese doodle day 2019

Happy easter cheezdoodle 2017

 Happy easter 2017

I wish you all a Happy Easter 2017. ❤

Happy easter cheezdoodle 2017
Happy easter cheezdoodle 2017

Have a beautiful Saturday

Wishing you all a beautiful Saturday

I wish you all a beautiful Saturday. Don’t forget about each other.



Effervescent tablets

Cheez doodle flavored effervescent tablets

Finally there’s a solution when getting cravings or withdrawal symptoms. When there’s no cheez doodles to be found, you can now use cheez doodle flavored effervescent tablets.
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Nothing to do with cheez doodles

Strength and willpower

This post has nothing to do with cheez doodles. It’s about hard work, fighting spirit, willpower, strength, suffering, ups and downs, family, friends, admiration, hope, life, struggling, addiction, changes, choices and much more. Continue reading Nothing to do with cheez doodles

Cheez doodle iq

Cheez doodle iq. Which one don’t belong?

In the picture below there’s one thing wrong. One thing in the picture doesn’t belong there, can you solve this cheez doodle iq problem?

There is only 1 right answer. I know that this one is difficult and a bit confusing for some but please try  to solve the problem?

Intelligence Cheez doodle iq test
Can you solve this iq problem

Answer: the potato chip is the one that doesn’t belong in the picture.

Inspired by all those quizzes and tests online this iq quiz / test was created. And of course only for fun.


Hello doodle lovers

It will be all about Cheez doodles

You don’t like them, you love them.