Why can’t there be peace

Why can’t there be peace?

For how long do people need to live in fear? For how long do people need to be on the run? Continue reading Why can’t there be peace

450 cheez doodle bag

All alone

All alone with this 450 cheez doodle bag. I wish I had someone to share this with. ? Maybe someday I will.

Cheez doodle share

Happy cheez doodle day

Happy cheez doodle day

Saturday the 5th of march 2016 is the (Inter)national cheez doodle day. I wish you all a Happy Cheez Doodle Day.

I know that cheez doodles are celebrated in more than one country. That’s why call this day The International Cheez doodle day. It’s not a national  day  anymore, it’s an International day of celebrating Cheez doodles.

Happy cheez doodle day all you cheez doodlians.

Happy cheez doodle day
Happy cheez doodle day

Cheezy mathematics

Back to school

Love it or hate it. One thing is for certain, we all use it everyday! Mathematics is everywhere all around us. Continue reading Cheezy mathematics

Cheez doodle coloring book

Cheez doodle coloring book

Coloring books are for everyone. It’s relaxing and stimulating for your brain.  Continue reading Cheez doodle coloring book

James doodle bond

Secret agent 00…

With license to kill he travels around the world and defeats criminal masterminds and evil organisations.

You all now officially have license to doodle. Use your licence everyday as often as you can and always when watching a Bond movie.


Doodle wars

Who’s your doodle

In star wars they’ve got the force, in real life we have cheez doodles. So to all of you, May the doodle be with you.

May the doodle be with you
May the doodle be with you

japan goes cheez doodle

Conquering asia

Japan goes cheez doodles and skips snacks like Kaki No Tane. Continue reading japan goes cheez doodle

Fathers day with doodles

Fathers, love and cheez doodles

In November swedes celebrate fathers day. And what else could a father need more than a cup of cheez doodles and love? #november #fathersday #celebrate #cheezdoodles #cheezdoodle #cheezdoodlecom #love #father #doodle #doodles WWW.CHEEZDOODLE.COM

Colorful doodles

Colorful food with cheez doodles

Why not add some color to your meal! Cheez doodles are great to use when you wanna add some color to your food and of course they taste lovely. ?

Colorful with cheez doodles
Colorful with cheez doodles