Cheezy mathematics

Back to school

Love it or hate it. One thing is for certain, we all use it everyday! Mathematics is everywhere all around us. Continue reading Cheezy mathematics

Happy valentines day

To all of you

Happy valentines day to all of you.

Valentines day cheez doodle
Valentines day cheez doodle


Cheez doodle coloring book

Cheez doodle coloring book

Coloring books are for everyone. It’s relaxing and stimulating for your brain.  Continue reading Cheez doodle coloring book


cheez doodle goes voodoodle

You better be nice from now on cause we’re now into voodoodles. This works well without personal belongings. All you have to do is think of someone and that person will be haunted by cheez doodles. Please be careful when using this voodoodle yellow magic. It’s extremely powerful and dangerous if it’s done wrong without knowledge.

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Cheez Voodoodles
Cheez Voodoodles

Always cheez doodles

Always OK

Life’s full of difficult decisions you have to make. Some of us make them every day and others only now and then. Continue reading Always cheez doodles