cheez doodles the happiest snack

Say Cheez…

There’s no question about it, Cheez doodles must be the happiest snack ever. Continue reading cheez doodles the happiest snack

Always cheez doodles

Never mind, always answer cheez doodles

I don’t like those situations when I don’t know what to answer. Those times I feel like a coconut that have floated around in the ocean for a century. But I have solved that problem, from now on I’ll always answer “Cheez doodles”.

– What’s the Capitol of Togo?

– Ehh… Cheez doodles!

You see, it works and feels right.

Always cheez doodles
Always cheez doodles

James doodle bond

Secret agent 00…

With license to kill he travels around the world and defeats criminal masterminds and evil organisations.

You all now officially have license to doodle. Use your licence everyday as often as you can and always when watching a Bond movie.


Nothing to do with cheez doodles

Strength and willpower

This post has nothing to do with cheez doodles. It’s about hard work, fighting spirit, willpower, strength, suffering, ups and downs, family, friends, admiration, hope, life, struggling, addiction, changes, choices and much more. Continue reading Nothing to do with cheez doodles

Doodle wars

Who’s your doodle

In star wars they’ve got the force, in real life we have cheez doodles. So to all of you, May the doodle be with you.

May the doodle be with you
May the doodle be with you

japan goes cheez doodle

Conquering asia

Japan goes cheez doodles and skips snacks like Kaki No Tane. Continue reading japan goes cheez doodle

Fathers day with doodles

Fathers, love and cheez doodles

In November swedes celebrate fathers day. And what else could a father need more than a cup of cheez doodles and love? #november #fathersday #celebrate #cheezdoodles #cheezdoodle #cheezdoodlecom #love #father #doodle #doodles WWW.CHEEZDOODLE.COM

Colorful doodles

Colorful food with cheez doodles

Why not add some color to your meal! Cheez doodles are great to use when you wanna add some color to your food and of course they taste lovely. ?

Colorful with cheez doodles
Colorful with cheez doodles

Cheez doodle iq

Cheez doodle iq. Which one don’t belong?

In the picture below there’s one thing wrong. One thing in the picture doesn’t belong there, can you solve this cheez doodle iq problem?

There is only 1 right answer. I know that this one is difficult and a bit confusing for some but please try  to solve the problem?

Intelligence Cheez doodle iq test
Can you solve this iq problem

Answer: the potato chip is the one that doesn’t belong in the picture.

Inspired by all those quizzes and tests online this iq quiz / test was created. And of course only for fun.


Macaroni n cheez

Macaroni and cheez doodles

This is simple! Either you use them as topping or you mix them in while cooking like any other ingredient. You probably want to smash them a bit with a rock that you found, baseball bat or just put them in a plastic bag and give them a push. And voilà cheez doodle powder ?


Maccaroni and cheez doodles
Maccaroni and cheez doodles