Cheez doodles vs chocolate

Cheez doodles with a touch of chocolate

One thing is for sure! You have to try this! Cheez doodles goes taste of chocolate.

It’s only possible to describe with one word…. Mmmmmm! (Yeah from now on Mmmmmm is a word)

The best part is that you make them yourself in minutes. You just melt your favorite chocolate and dip your doodles in it. Let them cool for a couple of minutes or more and voila, cheez doodles with a touch of chocolate.


Please be careful and don’t get burned while handling the hot melted chocolate.

Cheez doodles vs. chocolate
Cheez doodles with a touch of chocolate

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No more olives

Time for change

No more olives! It’s time for change. It’s time to say no! It’s time for you to stand up and show the world that cheez doodles are here to stay! This is the latest in cocktails and drinks.

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Drink with cheez doodles
No more olives. Cheez doodles are here to stay

Hello doodle lovers

It will be all about Cheez doodles

You don’t like them, you love them.