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Why can’t there be peace

Why can’t there be peace?

For how long do people need to live in fear? For how long do people need to be on the run?  For how long do religious beliefs have to be in conflict?  For how long do children need to grow up in an insecure world? Is it impossible to have world peace? Is it impossible to stop using violence? Is it impossible that we all can be friends? Why is it important to conquer as much land as possible?  Why is it important to be the wealthiest nation in the world? Why is it important to rule the world? Why do some choose revenge as an answer?

So many questions that I can’t answer!

I choose not to use violence. I choose to be kind and emphatic. I choose solidarity. I choose to believe that someday there will be world peace. I have to choose all these things, cause if I don’t, I won’t be a better person.

I know that every human being on this planet can make a choice between right and wrong. I know that every human being is capable of choosing the right way.

Why can’t we all choose to stay live in this world together in peace?

I really don’t understand!

cheez peace
Be friends and respect each other 

Life is hard and sometimes unfair. Some people are rich,  others poor. Some die young others because of a disease. Some believe in several gods others in only one. But using violence won’t solve anything. It doesn’t make anyone feel better. Violence feeds on violence and revenge is not a solution.  There is a difference between respect and being afraid.

Life or death? Love or hate? War or peace? Friends or enemies? Safe or unsafe? Happy or unhappy? Forgiveness or revenge?

What do you choose?


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