Mandarine cheez doodle

The Choodlefruit

Finally we managed to make a piece of a citrus reticulata or more known as mandarin orange (mandarine) to a cheez doodle. This fruit will rock your senses. ? #genemanipulation #cheesedoodle #cheezdoodle #biology #science #fruit #mandarin #citrus #fruits #snacks #biotech #genes #dna #manipulation #cheezdoodlecom #cheesecurls #cheezcurls #doodlefruit


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas / wish you all a Merry Christmas.

I know that there are people out there with no one to spend Christmas with. I think  that we all know that many people on this planet can’t afford Christmas, are in some way incapable of celebrating Christmas and more. I want you all to know that every Christmas I’m thinking of you all. Why am I doing that? Because I think that every human being on this planet is worthy to feel that they are needed and loved. I think that we all need to feel that someone thinks of us now and then. Sending a thought doesn’t cost anything. Sadly it doesn’t make any good before you actually tell someone in person.

If I could, I would invite you to my home so that you don’t need to be lonely.  If I could afford, I would buy your kids Christmas gifts. If I could I would try to make Christmas a pleasant memory for you. But I’m sorry. I can’t to anything of that, because I’m recently divorced with nowhere to live except a tiny room that I rent. I don’t have billions at the bank either. Not even millions, thousands or hundreds.  And it will be very hard for me to get in touch with you all even if I want to.

So I’ll do what I can do. I’ll give you a smile and wish you a merry Christmas when we meet. Probably you might not even know that it’s me, probably you haven’t visited this site and read this. But it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you feel that someone did see you and wished you well and happiness. And I really hope that words can make a difference these days.

I’ll be fine even if I’m divorced living in a tiny room. I can see my kids whenever I want, I have somewhere to sleep, I have a job that pays the rent, food, clothes and more. I don’t  ask for more than that. But what matters the most I know that people actually likes me, that gives me the strength to keep on going and hoping for att better future.

merry christmas to you alL wherever you are, whoever you are. And dont forget, someone is thinking of you

Merry Christmas

Christmas doodle
Christmas doodles

Cheez doodle sandwich

One sandwich cheez doodle style

This Cheez doodle sandwich is a favorite of mine and I really recommend you to try it out. Use your favorite cheese and doodles/curls/puffs, use as much doodles as you like. ?

Great for breakfast, lunch or just whenever.

Cheez doodle sandwich
Cheez doodle sandwich

Doodle leggings

Get dressed

Well, now’s the time to prove yourself worthy your cheez doodles. Do you really love cheez doodles or are you just one of those hang arounds? Get dressed in cheez doodles take a few shots and mail me your pics and I’ll post it on Instagram @cheezdoodlecom and But only with your permission! ? Do you dare?

i n s t a g r a m @ c h e e z d o o d l e . c o m

Cheez doodle leggings
Cheez doodle leggings


Nutritious breakfast

Nutritious and delicious breakfast

Everyone deserves a nutritious and delicious breakfast. What could be more delicious than cheez doodles and toast?

Not sure about that? Well, there’s only one way to find out.  This one will be a kids favorite for sure.

Nutritious and delicious breakfast
Nutritious and delicious breakfast

Cheez doodles vs chocolate

Cheez doodles with a touch of chocolate

One thing is for sure! You have to try this! Cheez doodles goes taste of chocolate.

It’s only possible to describe with one word…. Mmmmmm! (Yeah from now on Mmmmmm is a word)

The best part is that you make them yourself in minutes. You just melt your favorite chocolate and dip your doodles in it. Let them cool for a couple of minutes or more and voila, cheez doodles with a touch of chocolate.


Please be careful and don’t get burned while handling the hot melted chocolate.

Cheez doodles vs. chocolate
Cheez doodles with a touch of chocolate

Everyday snacks

No more olives

Time for change

No more olives! It’s time for change. It’s time to say no! It’s time for you to stand up and show the world that cheez doodles are here to stay! This is the latest in cocktails and drinks.

#cheezdoodle #cheezedoodles #cheesedoodles #cheezcurls #cheese #cheesecurls #cocktail #drinks #cocktails

Drink with cheez doodles
No more olives. Cheez doodles are here to stay

Countryside style

Doodles on a straw

The countryside style, your loved cheez doodles on a straw.

Countrysidestyle cheezdoodles
Countryside style cheez doodles

Hello doodle lovers

It will be all about Cheez doodles

You don’t like them, you love them.