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Strength and willpower

This post has nothing to do with cheez doodles. It’s about hard work, fighting spirit, willpower, strength, suffering, ups and downs, family, friends, admiration, hope, life, struggling, addiction, changes, choices and much more.

I found this group of people telling and sharing their stories about addiction with each other on Instagram  a few days ago. They have one thing in common, they are all girls/women and someones sister, mother, wife, friend and more. First I thought that is just one of those thousand of groups that exists online and really didn’t care much. And yes there are lots of groups/communities like this out there. I started to read one post and before I knew I had read all posts. Even though I ain’t a girl/women or an addict these stories caught me. They reminded me of my mother, she died November 2015 after being an alcoholic for what I know at least 35 years. What killed my mother was alcohol, it broke her down mentally and physically, these girls/women in this group/community called “Sober Girls Rule” somehow opened my eyes and changed my point of view about addiction.

I was raised by an alcoholic who had alcoholic partners and all the things I’ve been through,  seen and heard when growing up have made me an anti-addicts-person, until I found Sober Girls Rule and all their stories. You made me see that this is a fight for life, this is a struggle that needs hard work, willpower and strength. You made me understand, or I think,  that no one wants this even if the choice at some point is made to start using.

I admire you all that are strong enough to quit and take this fight with addiction. I’ve understood that this takes a lot of courage and willpower to change the way you live. But I think that the most difficult part is finding yourself in the addiction and accept the fact that you are an addict. Only then you can start the fight. I could be wrong, I only know that I’m sorry for that my mother never found her reason to quit drinking and accepted the fact that she was an alcoholic.

@sobergirlsrule on Instagram you rock and you don’t only change your own lives, you’ve changed my life in a way. I admire you and everyone out there who has decided to quit using drugs.

The picture/graphical work below is not in anyway a part of “Sober girls rule” community/group. It’s created by Chris at only to illustrate and showing my admiration. Love, Chris

Sober girls rule found this project on Instagram. Sober girls rule.

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