James doodle bond

Secret agent 00…

With license to kill he travels around the world and defeats criminal masterminds and evil organisations.

You all now officially have license to doodle. Use your licence everyday as often as you can and always when watching a Bond movie.


Doodle wars

Who’s your doodle

In star wars they’ve got the force, in real life we have cheez doodles. So to all of you, May the doodle be with you.

May the doodle be with you
May the doodle be with you

japan goes cheez doodle

Conquering asia

Japan goes cheez doodles and skips snacks like Kaki No Tane. Continue reading japan goes cheez doodle

Colorful doodles

Colorful food with cheez doodles

Why not add some color to your meal! Cheez doodles are great to use when you wanna add some color to your food and of course they taste lovely. ?

Colorful with cheez doodles
Colorful with cheez doodles

Macaroni n cheez

Macaroni and cheez doodles

This is simple! Either you use them as topping or you mix them in while cooking like any other ingredient. You probably want to smash them a bit with a rock that you found, baseball bat or just put them in a plastic bag and give them a push. And voilà cheez doodle powder ?


Maccaroni and cheez doodles
Maccaroni and cheez doodles

Holy doodles

Holy cheez…

You keep them Holy and worship them, these golden-yellow doodles. They are your life and you defend them with your life.

Today they revealed themselves,  sent from above the golden sky. They appeared as golden bows from a golden-yellow sky. And I were told that not only March the 5th is the cheez doodle day. Every day is cheez doodle day. You shall celebrate everyday like it’s your last day, and you shall celebrate with cheez doodles.


Holy doodles
Holy doodles


conquering the Middle East

Doodles are conquering

The first target of the ruthless way for world domination is the middle east. Cheez doodles has now infiltrated pita in every corner of the Middle East.  Who nows where these golden-yellow snacks will end up next time.

pita with cheez doodles white cheese tomatoes
Pita cheez doodles

Where is the doodle

Can you see it?

Here is one of those “like if you can se the picture or whatever it is that is hidden in the picture” pictures

I made this because I’m tired of all those Facebook like pics. This one is actually pretty good and not that hard. I think that most people are able to get this one.

Don’t forget to like if you can solve this one!

Like if you can see the cheez doodle
Like if you can see the cheez doodle

Doodle places

Did you know?

Our two favorite places from now on are, Doodle in Norway and Doodletown in the US. These two places any doodle lover has to visit at least once in a lifetime. From now on I declare Doodle in Norway and Doodletown in the US, as holy places. If you are a true Doodlian you need to visit one of these places at least once every fifth year to honor your Cheez doodles.

Doodletown USA
74° 1’44.45″W

Doodletown site

Doodletown, USA
Doodletown, USA
Doodle in Norway
Doodle in Norway

Doodle Norway

The 10 Doodlements

And You shall…

1. You shall have no other snacks before your Doodles
2. You shall not make your Doodles look bad in any way
3. You shall not take the name of Doodles your Snacks in vain
4. Remember the Cheez doodle day, the 5th of march, and keep it holy
5. Honor your Doodles
6. You shall not make your Doodles uneatable
7. You shall not have other snacks without your Doodles
8. You shall not steal another mans Doodles
9. You shall not bear false witness against your Doodles.
10.You shall not under any circumstances think about other snacks before your Doodles

The 10 Doodlements
The 10 Doodlements